23 February 2021

STATEMENT – GPS Association Sport and Activities 2021

The Great Public Schools Association Office is pleased to announce adjustments in our COVID return to play guidelines relating to spectators.  Our primary objective was and continues to be the students’ welfare and community safety during the global health pandemic of COVID-19.

Compliance with an Industry COVID Safe Plan continues to play a vital factor in the Association’s governance of games.  The GPS Association will continue to monitor and adjust restrictions in line with Sport Associations’, industry plans, and the State and Federal Government health guidelines..

Please note the following adjustments in line with approved industry plans are specific to the sport, recreation, and fitness industries.  The GPS Association asks that our communities follow directives and impose QR Check-in as a condition of entry at GPS fixtures and championship events.  The following spectator adjustments are effective immediately week 5, term 1 (26/27 February):


Cricket & Rowing leadup regattas


Up to a total of 1,500 spectators in an outdoor space (Field & Aquatic Industry Plan) with COVID Checklist


Volleyball & Basketball


Up to a total of 500 spectators (subject to square metres) in an indoor space (Indoor Industry Plan) with COVID Checklist


Debating & Chess








Note no Industry Plan


  • Senior A debates held in halls/auditoriums (non-classroom) spectators based on 2m per person, up to 75% capacity of venue
  • Senior A debates permitted to be held in outdoor venues with up to 1,500 spectators in attendance
  • Other debates: Up to 5 spectators per team based on a 60m2 classroom
  • New classrooms required for each debate


  • Held in halls/auditoriums (non-classroom) spectators based on 2m per person, up to 75% capacity of venue
  • Held in classrooms, up to 5 spectators per team based on a 60m2 classroom
Cross Country, HoR Rowing, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Track & Field


Up to a total of 10,000 spectators in an outdoor space (Field, Aquatic & Outdoor Industry Plan) with COVID Safe Plan; or 1,500 spectators with COVID Checklist




As per RQYS (Aquatic Industry Plan)




To be confirmed due to Stadium QLD restrictions


Music Venue specific requirements on capacity


The GPS Association was notified by Stadiums QLD that no yelling, cheering, war cries, shouting, hugging, or high fives are permitted for any events onsite at Brisbane Aquatic Centre.  This includes coaches, competitors and spectators in all areas within the complex.  Given the restrictions, it is unlikely that student spectators will be permitted at GPS Swimming meets.  The GPS Association is in discussions with QLD Health regarding these restrictions and will provide updates when available for the Championship event.

GPS Member Schools will continue to adopt the principles below regarding movement around venues and social distancing:

  • – Arrive at the venue ready to play.
  • – Adhere to the guidelines in relation to the total number of spectators at each venue to mitigate risk.
  • – Recording of spectator attendance in a contactless manner (EVA Check-in).
  • – Designated ingress and egress points, where possible.
  • – The one-way movement of people around fields and venues.
  • – Clearly visible social distance markers.
  • – No co-mingling of groups in playing spaces/zones.
  • – No pre- or post-functions.
  • – Management and segmentation of groups of participants through scheduling.
  • – Implementation of strict hygiene measures at all entry and exit points, communal areas, and very limited use of changerooms.


In line with Queensland Health and Industry Covid-safe plans, access is restricted to anyone who has:

  • – COVID-19 or has been in direct contact with a known case of Covid-19 within the last 14 days;
  • – Is awaiting a COVID-19 results;
  • – Has flu-like symptoms or who is a high health risk (eg. Due to age or pre-existing conditions);
  • – Travelled internationally; and
  • – Travelled to a Covid declared hotspot.

We encourage everyone who visits GPS school venues to download the EVA Check-in App for Apple or Android.  This app will assist the check-in process using QR Codes.

The GPS Association will continue to monitor the health guidelines and rules associated with COVID-19 and update our communities as needed.


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