19 May 2020

STATEMENT – GPS Sport and Activities Return to Play

With the release of the Queensland Government’s ‘Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions’ on Friday 15 May, the Great Public Schools Association of Queensland (GPS) have confirmed dates on the resumption of our Sport and Activities for 2020.

We are all very eager to return to competition and while restrictions are easing, there is still some work to be done and the general COVID-19 situation is still quite fluid. It is important to acknowledge that although as of last Saturday groups of 10 can gather and non-contact activities can take place (with hygiene and social distancing), community sport is not set to begin until Queensland reaches Stage 2 (12 June).

The GPS Association can confirm that GPS Sport and Activities are currently suspended.

There are a number of details and processes still to be finalized and put in place before we can get back to competition safely.  The overall aim under the current roadmap is GPS Sport and Activities will resume in Term 3 with Round 1 the weekend of 17 & 18 July for Chess, Basketball, Football and Tennis.  Further consideration is required for Rugby to allow for adequate physical and technical preparation to take place.  The commencement of GPS Rugby may be delayed 3-4weeks after other GPS Sport and Activities.  Cross Country and Gymnastics will look to various pre-season events with Championships hosted in term 3.

In the coming weeks the GPS Association will focus on developing a Return to Play Guidelines for facilities alongside the Queensland Government Return to Play Readiness Checklist.

We acknowledge we are all looking optimistically to the possibility of resuming GPS Sport and Activities, and to make sure we can resume fixtures we need everyone to be patient and continue to follow the advice and directives of Queensland Health.



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