16 July 2020

STATEMENT – GPS Sport and Activities Return to Play

The resumption of competition across the Great Public Schools Association of Queensland as part of Stage 3 restrictions commences the weekend 17 and 18 July. We are pleased to see opportunities for our students to engage in healthy activity and to compete in various sports.

Unlike community sporting clubs and groups, GPS Member Schools must be aware that a single COVID-19 case at one of our schools will likely close the entire school, thus, we must be vigilant. This season will not be the same as any previous season, and the priority is enabling students to participate in sport and activities in a safe environment for them and the community.

To mitigate risk to our Member Schools restrictions have been placed on the number of parent/ guardian spectators permitted by the GPS Association as agreed by all Member Schools:

-Football, Rugby, Tennis – 2 parent/ guardian spectator per participating student
-Basketball & Gymnastics – 2 parent/ guardian spectator per participating student (subject to square metres)
-Chess & Cross Country – no parent/ guardian spectator

To ensure the return to GPS Sport and Activities is undertaken in the safest way possible, the GPS Office will continue to consult with Sports Associations’ governing bodies and follow State and Federal Government health guidelines. The GPS Association will be following our COVIDSafe Plan supplemented by the approved Sport Industry Plans. GPS Member Schools are also independent organisations who may have additional measures to assess whether a safe environment can be provided.

GPS Member Schools will adopt the principles below regarding movement around venues and social distancing:
-Restriction of spectators at each venue to mitigate risk.
-Recording of spectator attendance in a contactless manner.
-Designated ingress and egress points where possible.
-The one-way movement of people around fields and venues.
-Clearly visible social distance markers
-No co-mingling of groups in playing spaces/zones.
-Management and segmentation of groups of participants through scheduling.
-Implementation of strict hygiene measures at all entry and exit points, communal areas and limited use of changerooms.

Attendance information for spectators will need to be recorded for all GPS Sport and Activities for tracing purposes, under the QLD Health Directive. Attendees involved in competition (players and officials) will be recorded through the competition records. The GPS Association has purchased QR code technology of Eva Check-in, to register spectator attendance. The system requires people to scan the QR code via their smartphone camera and then enter their details on their phone. This system is secure, contactless, and easy to use.

The GPS Association confirms the resumption of sports and activities with the following dates and structures:
-GPS Chess – 9 week competition commencing 17 July
-GPS Basketball, Football, Tennis – 9 week competition commencing 18 July
-GPS Rugby competition – 7 week competition commencing 8 August
-GPS Cross Country Championships – Tuesday 4 August, at Limestone Park
-GPS Gymnastics Championships – Saturday 5 September, at Brisbane Grammar School
-GPS Track and Field Championship – Friday 23 October at QSAC
-GPS Junior Track and Field Championship – Friday 30 October at QSAC
-GPS Sailing Championships, TBA

For a copy of the full GPS Calendar visit www.gpsqld.org.au

While the resumption of sports and activities is confirmed as above, The Association acknowledges that it is conducting sport and activities during a health pandemic. Accordingly, everyone across the GPS has a duty to be socially responsible and to adhere to the Return to Play Guidelines to ensure a successful season.

We encourage everyone who visits GPS school venues to download the COVIDsafe app on your mobile devices. This app will help keep you, your family, and your community safe from further spread of coronavirus through early notification of possible exposure.

The GPS Association will continue to monitor the pandemic, health guidelines and rules associated with COVID-19 and update our communities as needed.

Every good wish is extended to the nine (9) member schools for a safe and successful season.


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