2 August 2021

STATEMENT – GPS Association Extended SEQ Lockdown

Following the announcement by the QLD Government, all GPS Sport and Activities in the 11 affected LGAs is suspended until 4pm, Sunday 8 August.

The GPS Association can confirm, Term 3, Round 3 Basketball and Rugby and Round 4 Chess, Basketball and Rugby are classified as abandoned for all member schools.

Further to current restrictions, the scheduled round 5 fixtures between Brisbane Grammar School and Toowoomba Grammar School (Chess, Basketball and Rugby), will be abandoned due to QLD Health quarantine orders.

As per the GPS Abandonment of GPS Competition and Activities (Clause 11.1 a) and sport-specific by-laws (Clause 7.2) scheduled games will be deemed a draw, one (1) points to each competing member school.

As we continue to live in a COVID environment, the priority is our students’ safety while maintaining the integrity of a GPS Premierships.  Following the Abandonment of GPS Competition and Activities by-law, clause 12.3, 75% of the scheduled fixtures or seven (7) of the nine (9) scheduled rounds are to be completed to award a Premiership.  While we are not currently in this position, it is timely to remind our community of our by-laws.

The GPS Association will continue to review the COVID-19 situation in the days ahead and make further decisions as required.  We remind our communities to continue checking the QLD Government expose site and stay home as per the current directive.


During the lockdown, residents in the 11 LGAs will only be permitted to leave their homes for the following reasons:

  • To buy essentials such as groceries or medications
  • Work if you can’t work from home. No school, except for children of essential workers
  • Exercise within 10km from home (no community or professional sport)
  • Healthcare, including to get a COVID-19 vaccination or to provide help, care or support.
  • Please remember to wear a mask when you leave home

The Association will await QLD Government advice regarding further actions and decisions and provide updates as they come to hand.

Stay safe, stay home and get tested!


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