15 July 2021

STATEMENT – GPS Association Sport and Activities Term 3 2021

The Great Public Schools Association Office continues to monitor the global health pandemic of COVID-19 and aligning with the QLD Government Health directives.

In line with announcements made by the Queensland Government on Thursday 15 July, restrictions will continue for South East Queensland for a further 7 days.  Face masks and gathering restrictions will continue to apply across impacted areas.

Queensland’s COVID Safe Future outlines the current restrictions for Queensland that will reconnect communities.  A notable change for GPS implementation round 1 term 3, currently applicable to Friday 23 July for all nine member schools include reduced spectator numbers for indoor activities.


Chess 1 parent/guardian spectator per participating student (subject to square metres)
Basketball 1-2 parent/guardian spectators per participating student (subject to square metres)
Rugby No spectator restrictions (outdoor activity)


GPS Sport and Activities participants and spectators must wear face masks as per the QLD Government current directive.

You must wear a face mask at all times when you are outside your home, unless:

  • – you are alone in your car or with the members of your household
  • – you are eating or drinking
  • – you are at your usual workplace and can physically distance from others (except if you work in a hospitality venue or are a passenger transport operator)
  • – you are alone outdoors or with members of your household
  • – you are outside, including in an outdoor workplace, and can maintain a 1.5 metre distance from people who are not members of your household
  • – you are a school students at education premises
  • – it is unsafe.


Further information regarding QLD Government masks mandate can be found on the QLD Government website.

The Check In Qld app will be mandatory for Indoor Sport and Activities (including indoor post-match functions) and any takeaway food services (canteens).  More information can be found on the website Check In Qld app | Queensland Government (covid19.qld.gov.au).

The GPS acknowledges the rapidly changing Health Advise and will adapt protocols inline with the QLD Government.  As the situation evolves, the GPS will act accordingly. Our primary objective was and continues to be the students’ welfare and community safety during GPS Sport and Activities.

The GPS Association will review spectator restrictions by 22 July 2021 (for round 2), subject to government changes.


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