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Contact Details

Phone | 07 3358 1556

Email | info@gpsqld.org.au

Postal |  PO Box 465 Spring Hill QLD 4005

GPS Executive Officer

Ms. Nicole L’Efevre

Email | nicolel@gpsqld.org.au

GPS 100 Communications Lead

Mrs. Victoria James

Email | victoriaj@gpsqld.org.au

GPS Results Officer

Mrs. Karen Nichols

Email | results@gpsqld.org.au

2018 GPS Management Committee

GPS Executive Committee

Chairman                     Mr. Peter Fullagar (St Joseph’s Nudgee College)

Deputy Chairman       Dr. Michael Carroll (St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace)

Treasurer                      Dr. Alan Campbell (Anglican Church Grammar School)

General Members

Mr. Paul Brown (Brisbane Boys’ College)

Mr. Anthony Micallef (Brisbane Grammar School)

Mr. Wade Haynes (Brisbane State High School)

Mr. Richard Morrison (Ipswich Grammar School)

Mr. Peter Hauser (Toowoomba Grammar School)

Mr. Greg Wain (The Southport School)

GPS Sport and Activities Committee

Chairman – Specific GPS Sub-Committees

 Academic Day of Excellence  Vacant  Vacant
 Basketball  Mr. Greg Thorne  St Joseph’s Nudgee College
 Chess  Mr. Sean Tasker  Anglican Church Grammar School
 Cricket  Mr. Ron Cochrane  Brisbane Grammar School
 Cross Country  Mr. Nigel Greive  Ipswich Grammar School
 Debating  Mr. Ron Cochrane  Brisbane Grammar School
 Football (Soccer)  Mr. Sean Tasker  Anglican Church Grammar School
 Gymnastics  Mr. Mark Dwyer  Brisbane Boys’ College
 Music  Mr. Matt Cocking  Gregory Terrace
 Rowing  Mr. Greg Thorne  St Joseph’s Nudgee College
 Rugby  Mr. Bryan Hain  The Southport School
 Sailing  Mr. Bryan Hain  The Southport School
 Swimming  Mr. Matthew Hannan  Brisbane State HIgh School
 Tennis  Mr. Damian Wright  Gregory Terrace
 Track and Field  Mr. Wesley Dunne  Toowoomba Grammar School
 Volleyball  Mr. Mark Dwyer  Brisbane Boys’ College